Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program

The Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program for Black Canadian Scholars is offered at both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

The Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program launched in September 2021 creates a cross-campus community of Scholars who are successful recipients of the newly established Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Award.

More than award recipients, Scholars participate in a range of programming and support designed for them to thrive at UBC.

Program Goals

The program attracts and celebrates Scholars who already bring diverse academic, community involvement and leadership experience. The following goals support Scholars to continue developing these areas:

  • Create a positive cohort-based scholar experience that is supported through an integral network of cross-campus support.
  • Foster a sense of belonging, joy, and meaningful connections amongst Scholars and the overarching Black student community at UBC.
  • Empower Scholars to be co-creators of their academic and leadership experience at UBC through formal opportunities while leaving room for self-directed goals.
  • Celebrate Scholars’ successes as active participants in community-engagement learning and action during and after university.

Building Community

Building community amongst all UBC Black students at the Vancouver and Okanagan campus and collaboration with organizations are important goals of the program.

If you are a current UBC Black student

Some programming e.g. events, workshops, etc. are open to current UBC Black students as well as Scholars.

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If you are an individual, organization, business or industry partner

Interest in collaborating on events, promotion of opportunities for Scholars, internships, mentorship, etc. are welcomed by the program.

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If you are interested in giving to the Beyond Tomorrow Award and/or Program

Scholars don’t become the leaders the world needs on their own. They need the support of family, friends and a wider community of donors who recognize their potential and commit to helping them find pathways to success.

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