Program Team

The Program Team oversees the UBC Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program and works with each Scholar to identify their needs and support their transition and success at UBC through responsive and specialized programming.

Rohene Bouajram

Associate Director

As the Associate Director, Rohene Bouajram provides strategic leadership and direction on embedding equity and inclusion and advancing anti-racism in policies, initiatives and programming for students; such as the Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program. Originally from Zimbabwe, she has studied in China and Finland and has an MA in Intercultural Communication, BA in Psychology and is certified as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Rohene has worked in areas related to equity, social justice and inclusion, intercultural dialogue, international recruitment, student program development, ethical engagement, crisis intervention, policy evaluation and teaches courses related to Canadian immigration legislation. With over sixteen years of experience in post-secondary and international education, Rohene has coached and advised many students, led multiple student-focused programs and teams at Canadian institutions, including UBC. Supporting Beyond Tomorrow Scholars to achieve their goals at and beyond UBC is considered an honour for Rohene.

Natasha Philander

Program Manager

As the Program Manager for the Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program, Natasha Philander leads and implements a comprehensive range of student support, programming and services with a focus on empowering scholars to succeed academically and become fully engaged members of the university community. Natasha has a background in both International Development Studies and Educational Studies. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (honours) in International Development Studies from Dalhousie University and has lived and studied across Canada, as well as in Cuba and Ecuador. Natasha brings a wealth of expertise in experiential learning; intercultural, international education and anti-racism work as well as deep-situated action and systemic change-making that leads to a positive Black student experience at the university. Her career goal has always been to support students from historically underrepresented communities to access post-secondary education as well as to create community and holistic programming that recognizes the unique experiences of each student. Natasha is grateful to be managing the Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program and supporting each scholar during their time at UBC

Nicolette Richardson


As the dedicated recruiter for the Beyond Tomorrow Scholars program, Nicolette leads the recruitment and engagement of potential students, supporting their applications process. Nicolette earned an M.A. in Communication for Social and Behavior Change and a B.A. in Media and Communications (honours) from the University of the West Indies, where she also served as an Assistant Lecturer and implemented student-led strategies to encourage students to take control of their learning process and to engage with the material in new ways.  During her time with the Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, she led a 9-member research team to historic healthcare advocacy and policy reform.  And her volunteer activities over the years have encompassed various initiatives that include support for youth at risk, the empowerment of women and reduction of poverty.Nicolette is a firm believer in the power of communication through storytelling and is a former journalist and founder / chief conversation starter on the platform The Grownup Millennial

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